Lots of fine memories
Comfort our grieve
Forever away from us
but always in our heart

With pain in our heart, but grateful for al the good and happy years we spent with her we inform you that after a long battle, tired of fighting passed away my sweet wife, our dearly beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.

Translation of the poem on the candle:

That there may be light
Light in our eyes
The we shall see each other
As good as new.

Light in our hearts.
The we create space
Make room for many
Light in our thoughts
That we come to think
and fair decisions

Light in our houses
So that friendship
and hospitality shall rule.

Light in living together
So we can be seen
Not hidden for each other.



We didn’t always know that mother was a strong woman

She has known a life with mounts, but also deep valleys.

We keep the memory to good but also worse times in our heart.

On May, 16th 2006 we heard that she had a terrible sickness.

She continued to fight to inevitable end.


At the end, on March 6th 2007 she walked her last road.

Joined by her oldest daughter she crossed the last bridge.

This is what happened:

Rita en Angelique both held one of mother’s hands,

While the others waited for the bridge
Rita started the last journey with mother and she spoke to Mamma:
“Come Mam, we’ll go together as promised.
Look how beautiful green the grass is and listen to the birds.
They sing for you, Mam
Look, the bird and the butter
flies fly with us.
Can you hear the rest en quietness.

Can you sea the light we are walking to.
It is so quiet you can hear the little caterpillars crawl”
At the and Rita put Mam’s hand in God’s hand.
Then she passed away peacefully en she found the rest everyone granted her.

Rust zacht, Mamma

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We thank the staff of the Lange Land hospital, Zoetermeer
and the caring of Monuta uitvaartverzorging, who arranged the funeral.